Below are some of the reviews left by recent clients.

Here what some of our Happy Clients have to say!

  • I developed symptoms associated with low blood sugar almost 2 years ago. Despite undergoing numerous medical investigations, I was left with no management plan and continued to battle with both food and my symptoms. This not only resulted in weight gain but also very poor energy and concentration levels. Dimple explained how the proportions of food groups on a plate should be balanced and the impact it has on the body when they aren’t. On reviewing my blood results, Dimple recognised that although they were within normal range, I was utilising carbohydrates rapidly. She formulated a plan of correctly balanced meals and snacks for me to follow and has been extremely supportive whilst I adjusted my whole lifestyle to manage my symptoms successfully. I cannot thank Dimple enough for turning my life around in 2 months. I have lost weight, have more energy, am in control of my life and feel alive again!!
    KAREN SIMM March, 2017
  • Just wanted to say a great big thank you for helping me get back on track. You made me realise I had lost my way with food. I had always thought I was eating a really healthy diet and excersing nearly everyday. My trainer and I couldn't understand why I couldn't lose any weight in fact it was going on not off! And I was knackered all the time plus always having the shakes and needing food and after only a couple of sessions with you I have my mojo back. I do have a great diet it just needed a little tweaking especially when I ate. Now I have lost over a stone and didn't even have try. I am eating a lot of foods that I had band from my diet as I thought they where not good for me and I feel sexy again. I am evening having Pizza and loving it. I feel so good within my self. I have lots more energy. My training is awesome and I look forward to training instead of doing it because I thought I had to and even taken 10 minutes off my time in a 1/2 marathon. All this I could not have achieved without you. So thank you so very much. Sharon Bailey. X
  • “Dimple is a great dietitian to film with. She’s knowledgeable, flexible and on top of her brief”
  • I cannot recommend this lady enough. I owe so much to her. Taking part in NLP with her has completely changed how I feel about eating and food. I've spent years doing faddy diets (clubs and shakes) I'd literally hit a brick wall. After months of playing around between 10st 2lbs and 9st 13lbs, i couldn't see away of shifting from that weight. After 2 sessions I was at 9st 2lbs and have remained at that weight after a week in lanzarote, followed by a wedding and 2 birthday celebrations. The weight doesn't even seem as much of an issue for me anymore. I'm just so happy with how I eat, and I'm saving a fortune on food, cooking for the family, rather than an army. Excellent work Dimple, you are a star.
    KERRY – MAY 2016
  • Going to see Dimple was the best decision I ever made. Her simple advice made eating healthy feel exciting rather than like a chore. I no longer flip between starving on salads and gorging junk food. I now eat a balanced healthy diet which keeping me going through my busy working days. An unexpected bonus is I've already lost a stone! Thank you Dimple!
  • I saw Dimple this morning On BBC News. It was the first time I was aware of her. The Interview was very informative and I think It will/maybe help me. I have lost 70 LBS on the ATKINS PROTEIN DIET and my Doctor has now requested I come off It, whereas I resisted It earlier due to getting The 70 LBS off In 9 MNTHS. Thank You Dimple.
    PETER – MAY 2015
  • Dimple has a great understanding of nutrition for both food intake and advice on how to manage the diet through the working day, including metabolic rate and food/water content. I can recommend her easy to follow lifestyle rules! Dimple is a polished nutritionist and you only need to see her youthful personality to know it works!!
    RICHARD – APRIL 2015
  • I contacted Dimple in April 2015 after suffering from tiredness through the day which was effecting my concentration. The first meeting with Dimple was carried out with an assessment on my lifestyle, eating habits and a bespoke recommendation on how I can achieve my goals. After 3 sessions over a 6 month period, I found Dimple to be professional, knowledgeable, encouraging with a clear and simple way to improve my knowledge on eating foods that are nutritious, while giving the energy to keep me feeling great. Without hesitation I would recommend anyone to Dimple for a Nutrition MOT!
    MARK – FEB 2016
  • Dimple was so helpful and the plan with my diet worked so well, the follow up phone calls made me feel that I was being really well looked after and supported.
  • We were happy with the help an advice given by Dimple. A very warm and friendly person, but professional throughout each and every visit. We would be very happy to recommend Dimple. This service is a definite benefit.
  • Excellent knowledge, very professional. Mrs Thakrar is a very friendly and excellent dietitian.
  • After starting sessions with Dimple I felt immediately more focused after the first one. I felt calmer refreshed and eager to put into practice my new skills. Dimple is both highly professional and caring whilst working with you. I looked forward to each session and what the session would bring. I now feel totally and utterly calmer more in control and able to tap into the resources in which dimple has recommended. Well worth it after me exploring lots of other ways first I finally found something that worked , and also enjoyed and all round made me feel a more balanced and better person for it. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.
  • This treatment literally changed my life.... After 17 years of being trapped in a cycle of crash dieting and then bingeing and struggling with my fluctuating weight, Dimple, helped me get to the root cause of the problem and completely changed my relationship with food. The therapy enabled me to understand what was happening physiologically within my body and how this was actually causing my obsessive behaviour. Dimple helped me to become a fantastic food manager, offered me lots of advice and supported me throughout the process. I?m delighted to say. I?m free from the diet trap. I very occasionally binge now and it?s nowhere near to the same extent as it had been before. However, what?s more important is that I understand my own behaviour and what has lead to a binge and how I can regain control and prevent them happening in future.
  • Dimple has made a great impact and has integrated well into the Medicines Optimisation Team. Her work is greatly appreciated by General Practitioners , patients and colleagues alike. Her work is always to the highest standards and she has delivered quality interventions and efficiencies in a very short space of time. Her contract was extended as the benefits of having a dietitian on the team were realised almost immediately and she is now an integral member of the team.
  • I had a medical and found that my cholesterol was a little high. The doctor discussed Statins with me but I decided to try to reduce it through sensible eating and searched for a Dietitian online. I decided on Dimple because she had all the relevant qualifications and experience and once I met her I knew I had made the right choice. I had two goals, lose two inches around my waist and my longer term goal was to reduce my cholesterol. Dimple worked with me to educate me to what I should and should not be eating and the appropriate portion sizes of the different food groups. I have achieved my short term goal of a reduction in my waist size and found additional benefits of having more energy and sleeping better as well. As the reduction in cholesterol is a longer term goal Dimple is going to meet with me when I have it tested again in about 9 months time. Altogether I have been very pleased with the understanding of nutrition that I have received and am extremely satisfied with the results. I would recommend Dimple for her knowledge transfer skills making a complex subject so easy for me to understand.
  • I filmed with Dimple for an item for Rip Off Britain Food about so called healthy snacks and the sugar content within them. Dimple was great to work with, very professional and accommodating and her kitchen made for a wonderful filming location. I would happily work with Dimple again anytime.
    Amy Ford, Director, BBC (Rip off Britain: Food)
  • Your ability to help the participants feel informed, but never patronised, was invaluable. Your natural ease with everyone (and the cameras) was a fabulous bonus, along with your humour. I can't express how grateful we are. As soon as you appeared, we felt safe in your hands and we achieved so much during the event. The amount of insight gained was phenomenal, with shared experiences, your cookery demonstration and the forthcoming photo and video content. Thank you for everything you did to make the day a success.
    Kaye Stevens, Motor Neurone Disease Association
  • I have a teenage daughter size 6/8 who was struggling with her body image and as a result had significantly reduced what she was eating.. She had dropped weight, was really irritable, hungry, not sleeping, was unable to concentrate and crying all the time I was concerned for her mental health and that she was going to end up anorexic.. She was really sceptical initially meeting dimple but was quickly put at her ease. Dimple has worked magic with her and now she recognises what a balanced meal looks like and eats till she is not hungry anymore.. she has gained some weight that was right for her as she was too thin ... I feel like I have my daughter back!! She's been so inspired by dimple that she wants to be a dietition and help girls in a similar position to her.
    A grateful mum!!
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