Questions Regarding Sessions

No, because changing your dietary habits of a lifetime is a process and as such you will need support through this change in order for it to be successful and sustained for life. Don’t waste your time and money by just doing one session. Invest in your health and it will pay off in the long run.

Minimum 3, max 6 over around 5-6 months in total.

First one because it involves an assessment is 90mins and the rest are between 45-60 mins. If we go over you will be charged for the extra time.

This will vary depending on your needs and therefore your packaged is discussed on enquiry. You will know full costs before you start.

I offer a WhatsApp support system in-between all my appointments and I encourage you to send me photos of your food, so I can comment and support you though the transition.

Questions Relating to Weight Management

Yes, but my focus is health and improved mindset and relationship with food so that you naturally become the weight/size you should be. Most people who need to lose weight do as a by-product but you have to put the work in to get the results. I can’t lift the weights for you to build the muscles if you know what I mean.

Yes absolutely and I have had over 20 years in the NHS doing this.

There is no set rule and like the previous weight question it depends on how over weight you are and what your diet is like. The focus is health and the weight takes care of its self. If you focus on losing weight, you always will be trying to lose weight and never actually doing it. Focus on health and you get healthy!

The amount of commitment you have to the process will determine this. You only get what you put in.

General Questions

Yes, A dietitian you are guaranteed their Qualifications because in the UK it is the only legally protected Nutrition professional title. That means if somebody is using the title ‘dietitian’ they have to have done at least a degree or post grad level qualification in dietetics and be regulated and registered with the Health Care Professional Council. They are bound by a code of conduct like Drs and Nurses. They can’t sell you or tell anything that isn’t evidence based. Nutritionist or related titles are not legally protected titles and therefore a nutritionist does not have to have a degree but many do. They do not have to be registered or governed by a legal body and so can (if they wished) tell you and sell you anything. You are not guaranteed an adequate level of qualification unless you ask.

I use a program I have developed call Food Freedom and it combines traditional dietetics and NLP. It is amazing because it ensures your diet gives you the right nourishment for you while giving you tools to maintain it for life! Its fab and fits in with your unique life.

Nope, pointless doing that. I might encourage you to expand your variety of say fruit or veg but this will be agreed and on your terms.

I don’t promote supplements, but real food. So the only supplement that is currently recommended is Vitamin D for everyone living in the UK. However, if you choose to take supplements I am happy to guide and discuss the pros and cons of these with you.

None, it is illegal for me to sell you any supplements as I am bound by a code of conduct.

Nope, we just try something different that you can do.

Yes, very successfully.

Yes, very successfully.

All ages it depends what they need. If I don’t have the skills to help I would direct, you to someone who does.

Absolutely has to fit in with your family and life. It is very important that it does for you to sustain it for life!

NLP is an acronym and stands for, 'Neuro Linguistic Programming.'

It changing how you think about food by rewiring how you think. Don’t worry you are fully conscious and aware of what is going one.

Yes, Dimple Thakrar is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC registration No. DT06301).

Yes, Dimple is notified with the Information Commissioners Office (DPA registration No. ZA246566).

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